Why Company Need Information Security?

Confidential information is not limited to legal agreement, bank statement, business plans and agreement. Every day, millions of new printed information and materials about employees, customers, products, financial statement and research are other forms of confidential information. If this information falls into the wrong hands, the results can be devastating. Protecting your business information is vital to your business.

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Solution You Need

Our industry-standard shredders will destroy virtually every form of information media, not just paper, but all your electronic data (i.e., CDs, DVDs, computer hard drives, film, audio- and videotape, even your plastic credit cards).

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Why Shred

No business today can afford to be careless about handling information. From financial statements to customer credit card data to sensitive medical information, confidential information lives in every drawer and file cabinet and deserves to be handled, stored, and eventually destroyed with planning and thoughtfulness.

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About Infodel

At Infodel Management Sdn Bhd (IDM), we specialize in providing expert information security services to businesses and individuals, public and private, to ensure that your sensitive documents and information are managed with total security

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