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Secured Shredding Services

Confidential information is not limited to bank’s statement, business plan and contract. Daily printed materials were produced daily in every business. As the number of identity and intellectual property theft continues to increase, it becomes even more paramount that your departments follow the best practices of secure shredding or disposal.

If your organization have ongoing document destruction needs? We can arrange a shredding schedule that works for you. We will deliver one or more security containers to your office, where you deposit any items to be shredded. IDM representative will unlock the container, take out the full bag and bring it back to our destruction facility.

Our destruction facility is equipped with industry standard shredders that could shred 1000kg per hour and staffed by trained technicians. The facility is monitored by closed-circuit television (CCTV). Materials received are stored at a locked and secure place while waiting be shred/destruct. Materials received are destructed within 48 hours depending on the volume. Unfinished material will be destructed the following day. Client will be able to view the shredding process online.

All material accepted includes but not limit to:-

  • Printed Materials – Paper, documents, reports, cheque books.
  • Digital data Storage – CD-Roms, DVD, Computer backup, Hard disks, Tapes.
  • Films & X-rays.
  • Cassette Tapes.
  • Credit cards and etc.

INFODEL MANAGEMENT has the expertise in information security and a wealth of free resources to help you protect your business and stay up to date with changing privacy laws

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Regular Schedule Services

Our regular scheduled service is most suitable for organization that requires regular collection of materials or has high volume of materials to destroy. It offers piece of mind as your department need not monitor the volume of materials accumulated. We work with your department to develop a schedule that is most suitable for you.

With our regular schedule service, console bin are placed throughout your department/office. The bin provided by IDM is designed to blend into any office environment. Employees can deposit sensitive documents/files into the bin whenever needed. Our uniformed representatives will come to collect the materials following the arranged schedule. Client could also call us to arrange for collection of materials to be collected if the need arises.


Regular Schedule Services

Our call in service is for clients who are relocating, accumulated volumes of materials or want to destruct highly sensitive materials. A call to us and we will discuss possible solution/ method of destruction and arrange a time for our representatives to collect the materials.