Why Shred

5 REASON Your Business Needs IDM Shredding Service

No business today can afford to be careless about handling information. From financial statements to customer credit card data to sensitive medical information, confidential information lives in every drawer and file cabinet and deserves to be handled, stored, and eventually destroyed with planning and thoughtfulness.

Information hygiene is not just in your best interests, in many cases it is a legal requirement. It will also make your business more efficient, since the information you do need will be much easier to organize and find when it is not lost among the outdated information that tends to accumulate.

If you have any doubt about the advantages of adopting a serious information evaluation and elimination program for your business or home, here are five reasons you should consider.

01. Protect Your Reputation
02. Protect Your Customers
03. Protect Your Identity
04. Protect Your Time & Money
05. Protect Our Environment


Expertise & Stability
Compliant with Law
Cost Effective
High Level Performance
Safe & Secure Center
Dedicated & Resourceful Team of People
Excellent Customer Support
New Technology




“ We just want to thank Louise Han and IDM for the outstanding customer service provided to us on every phase of our project. You have delivered the best communication and support that we have ever encountered from any company. ”

Alan Cheong – Operations Manager, Delve Index

“ Will keep using IDM! I had made arrangements to have IDM come and do a file purge early in June. I am happy to say it was done efficiently and the customer service representative Louise Han was terrific. The staff works hard, very professional and timely. Just wanted to say we have used IDM in the past and will use them again in the future. Great Job! ”

Carolyn Teh – Secrectary, Castle Rock Sdn Bhd

“ Thank you very much for sending your guys over. The rain was so heavy and yet they still do their job, climbing in and out of the lorry. I really appreciate the effort. ”

Judy Lim – Manager, Administration BDO

Some general document categories for review include:

  • Management documents , i.e.
    • – Business plans
    • – Contracts
    • – Executive correspondence
    • – High-level financial reports
  • Human Resources Records
    • – Resumes
    • – Background checks
    • – Insurance records
    • – Medical information
    • – Performance evaluations
  • Financial Records
    • – Payroll
    • – Accounts Due and Receivable
    • – Annual financial reports
    • – Contracts
  • Daily Operating Information
    • – Policies and Procedures
    • – Training manuals
    • – Calendars and schedules
    • – Time sheets
    • – General Correspondence
  • Marketing and Development
    • – Strategic plans
    • – Marketing plans
    • – Competitive market research
  • Research and Development
    • – Product specifications
    • – Product development information
    • – Product testing report
    • – Competitive product research
    • – Patent, copyright, trademark information
  • Customer and Supplier Information
    • – Orders
    • – Invoices
    • – Credit information
    • – Customer lists
    • – Supplier lists

What to Shred?

If you have never taken inventory of the types and amounts of information you gather and retain on a regular basis, you may not realize just how much of it is sensitive and needs special security….or alternatively how much is simply unnecessary or outdated and could be eliminated. In either case, the odds are good that you are keeping more information than you should–on paper and other information storage media.

Step one toward developing more efficient and secure business processes is in fact taking that inventory. Every business and office is different, of course, but to guide your review, we can provide some general categories for you to consider in evaluating what data you should be handling and destroying securely.